Why Seders Are Slow — yet another Passover parody

We did the audio production for yet another Passover parody, a take on the song How Far I'll Go by Lin-Manuel Miranda for the Disney film Moana. Visit Why Seders Are Slow on YouTube to see all of the production credits.

Why Seders Are Slow

Ean White

Mid-field monitors added to Emerson's Mix B

Emerson College Mix B now has mid-field monitors thanks to two ceiling mounted Fulcrum Acoustic RM28ac speakers. We did not employ any vibration isolation as the ceiling is open in this room, and the speakers are not behind a screen as in Mix A (which we worked on in September of 2014). Custom speaker yokes were designed and built so that the speakers could be used in a vertical orientation.

Emerson College Mix B

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Brandeis' Slosberg Hall mic deployment sidegrade

We removed a poorly placed and malfunctioning Servoreeler system in Brandeis University's Slosberg Hall and replaced it with a dead-hung Grace Design spacebar. Monofilament lines running to the projection booth allow for repositioning the microphones.

Brandeis Slosberg Hall mic position

Ean White, Monica Chiang

Audinate Dante Level 2 Certification

Dante Certification Level 2

Ean White

New World Symphony concert hall additions

Sonic-Space hired us to help install some upgrades to the New World Symphony concert hall recording system. We didn't see much of Miami Beach, but did spy the coolest personnel lift ever.

New World Symphony concert hall

Ean White

A new, simpler AV control system for MeCA

Collaborating with Audire Design (née RPC Audio) we designed, installed and programed a simpler AV control system for the Maine College of Art. The Osher Hall AV control was previously operated with a Crestron touch screen system which they scrapped in favor of buttons.

MECA Osher Hall podium

The left panel controls the video projector and switcher, the middle panel controls program and mic audio while the right panel controls lighting.

MECA Osher Hall control panel

Ean White

U Miami recording studio gets a major renovation

Parsons Audio hired us to install the video system for the Weeks Recording Studio at U Miami. The control room has three 55-inch HD video monitors and two Panasonic AW-HE40 robotic cameras. At the far right, just above the SSL console, is the Blackmagic Design Videohub Smart Control which operates the video router in the machine room. In addition to stereo monitoring at each of the three (!) consoles, the room is also outfitted for 5.1 surround using Geneloc 8351A speakers.

U Miami control room

The live room sports another large monitor, a fixed, wide-angle camera and a pair of speakers. Any video source may be routed to any display.

U Miami live room

Finally, the vocal booth gets another monitor and fixed camera. There is a video hard drive recorder/player in the control room and additional video tie-lines everywhere. The system will support pedagogy and film scoring.

U Miami vocal booth

Ean White

Tremont Temple adds a second subwoofer

We returned to Tremont Temple Baptist Church and added a second subwoofer to the line array. This was part of the original design, but the speaker was not available initially.

Tremont Temple array with two subwoofers

Ean White, Rick Campbell, Rachel Baril, Keith Waters

Berklee multimedia room gets a rigging system

We designed and installed a rigging system for a new multimedia room at Berklee College of Music. The aluminum pipe will support ten Genelac speakers for a 10.2 surround sound system.

Berklee multimedia room rear

Projection screens for the three projectors we installed will also be supported. As usual, the blocking built in to the walls was insufficient and presented an engineering challenge.

Berklee multimedia room front

Ean White, Rick Campbell

A new line array for Tremont Temple Baptist Church

We installed a line array speaker assembly for Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston, MA. Founded in 1839, this was the first integrated church in the Americas. Abraham Lincoln spoke here, albeit without benefit of audio reinforcement!

Tremont Temple Baptist Church

Ean White, Rick Campbell