Stage lighting for Beat Hotel

Just finished up the stage lighting at Beat Hotel restaurant and music venue in Harvard Square. A tough design with low ceilings and obstructions, we installed all new rigging and wiring. With all super-efficient LED lighting, the rig uses a Fleenor Designs PRE10-A to store and recall scene presets. Color range is limited by the tie-dye curtain upstage but, all in all, nice and moody stage lighting. We collaborated with the restaurant designer so the teasers are integrated with the ceiling design.

Beat Hotel stage

Below is a screen cap of the software interface, ready for iPad control if required.

Beat Hotel software

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Shoehorned truss into Berklee multifunction space

Shoehorned custom truss into a Berklee College of Music multifunction space for surround sound, lighting and video projection. Designed and built custom rigging hardware. Made custom modifications to Genelec 1031A speaker cabinets.

Berklee trussBerklee plan view

Ean White