Mid-field monitors added to Emerson's Mix B

Emerson College Mix B now has mid-field monitors thanks to two ceiling mounted Fulcrum Acoustic RM28ac speakers. We did not employ any vibration isolation as the ceiling is open in this room, and the speakers are not behind a screen as in Mix A (which we worked on in September of 2014). Custom speaker yokes were designed and built so that the speakers could be used in a vertical orientation.

Emerson College Mix B

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Brandeis' Slosberg Hall mic deployment sidegrade

We removed a poorly placed and malfunctioning Servoreeler system in Brandeis University's Slosberg Hall and replaced it with a dead-hung Grace Design spacebar. Monofilament lines running to the projection booth allow for repositioning the microphones.

Brandeis Slosberg Hall mic position

Ean White, Monica Chiang

U Miami recording studio gets a major renovation

Parsons Audio hired us to install the video system for the Weeks Recording Studio at U Miami. The control room has three 55-inch HD video monitors and two Panasonic AW-HE40 robotic cameras. At the far right, just above the SSL console, is the Blackmagic Design Videohub Smart Control which operates the video router in the machine room. In addition to stereo monitoring at each of the three (!) consoles, the room is also outfitted for 5.1 surround using Geneloc 8351A speakers.

U Miami control room

The live room sports another large monitor, a fixed, wide-angle camera and a pair of speakers. Any video source may be routed to any display.

U Miami live room

Finally, the vocal booth gets another monitor and fixed camera. There is a video hard drive recorder/player in the control room and additional video tie-lines everywhere. The system will support pedagogy and film scoring.

U Miami vocal booth

Ean White

Tremont Temple adds a second subwoofer

We returned to Tremont Temple Baptist Church and added a second subwoofer to the line array. This was part of the original design, but the speaker was not available initially.

Tremont Temple array with two subwoofers

Ean White, Rick Campbell, Rachel Baril, Keith Waters

Berklee multimedia room gets a rigging system

We designed and installed a rigging system for a new multimedia room at Berklee College of Music. The aluminum pipe will support ten Genelac speakers for a 10.2 surround sound system.

Berklee multimedia room rear

Projection screens for the three projectors we installed will also be supported. As usual, the blocking built in to the walls was insufficient and presented an engineering challenge.

Berklee multimedia room front

Ean White, Rick Campbell

A new line array for Tremont Temple Baptist Church

We installed a line array speaker assembly for Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston, MA. Founded in 1839, this was the first integrated church in the Americas. Abraham Lincoln spoke here, albeit without benefit of audio reinforcement!

Tremont Temple Baptist Church

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Video playback system for Light of Life Church

We installed a video playback system for Light of Life Church, Cambridge, MA. As the audience viewing angles are narrow, we specified high-gain front projection screen materials to help the video punch through ambient light—even when direct sunlight is hitting the stage. The video is sourced from a workstation we designed running ProPresenter 6.

Light of Life Church video installation

Ean White, James Lindie

More surround sound for Emerson College

We installed seven more Fulcrum Acoustic RM28ac speakers with our "patented" vibration isolation system for Emerson College. Pictured are the L, C, & R cabinets in Room 706, ready to set up the new Trident 88 mixing console.

Emerson College Room 706

Ean White, Monica Chiang

Our work at NEC was written up in Pro Sound Web

Our work at New England Conservatory was written up in Pro Sound Web.

Pro Sound Web

Ean White

Completed center cluster installation in Jordan Hall

We have completed the installation of three permanently installed Fulcrum Acoustic AH65 speakers in New England Conservatory’s historic Jordan Hall. The center cluster blends in to the ceiling very nicely and sounds fabulous.

NEC Jordan Hall center cluster

These speakers have a lot of “air” or “openness” which complements the sound of the hall very nicely. Here is a view from the balcony.

NEC Jordan Hall center cluster from the balcony

Our design intent was to make the rigging of the cluster look effortless so as to not become a distraction.

NEC Jordan Hall center cluster zoomed in

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Preliminary rigging for NEC's Jordan Hall

We designed and have installed the first phase of rigging for three permanently installed Fulcrum Acoustic AH65 speakers in New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall. This image below shows the electric chain hoist in position above the hole in the proscenium arch. The hole has a temporary cover over it until the speakers are installed in March. As this is a historic concert hall, putting a large slot in the ceiling was demanding.

NEC Jordan Hall chain hoist

The new steel support beam had to be threaded through a lot of old steel and a Servoreeler installation.

NEC Jordan Hall steel support beam

Our economical design uses only a single chain hoist and some customized versions of Polar Focus speaker rigging hardware.

NEC Jordan Hall as built drawing

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Surround sound in Emerson College's API Room

We designed vibration isolation systems and suspended three Fulcrum Acoustic RM28ac speakers in the Emerson College API Room. That’s Bruno Caruso, Audio Technical Supervisor, behind the gorgeous API console. The surround speakers will be added in the near future.

Emerson College API Room

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Emerson College upgrades Mix Room A

Emerson College has upgraded their Mix Room A with the installation of two Fulcrum Acoustic RM22ac speakers and a larger, perforated projection screen. We rigged the speakers with custom vibration isolators to minimize sound transmission to the offices above. We also installed some hardware to allow future expansion to a 5.1 surround system.

Emerson College Mix A #1

We modified the speaker cabinets to have a pivot point at their center of gravity and built custom yokes to allow positioning of the speakers at precise angles. Below is a photo showing the stereo setup ready to have the projection screen stretched over the frame.

Emerson College Mix A #2

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Riverwalk Café builds a new performance space

Riverwalk Café & Music Bar expanded and built a music performance space. The sound system required isolation from the apartment above so we designed and installed a spring suspension system.

Riverwalk Café

Ean White

Custom speaker mounts for Ab Initio

We designed and built some custom speaker mounts for Ab Initio. No off-the-shelf solution to suspend Genelec G2 speakers in a downward firing position was available as they are intended to be near-field monitors. Here, they are hanging from strut channel on the ceiling. The speaker is in a bag due to the ongoing construction.

Ab Initio ceiling speakers

Ean White

Hanging a Tannoy Qflex 32 at St. Luke's

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Dedham, MA, upgraded their sound system and we rigged a single Tannoy QFlex 32 speaker in the Sanctuary. The DSP-controlled beam forming and steering capabilities of this speaker line are quite remarkable.

St. Lukes Lutheran Church

Ean White

Connect Community Church PA Upgrade

We installed a beautiful new PA system for Connect Community Church. The six Fulcrum Acoustic GX1265 cabinets disappear into the ceiling and sound amazing. Rich Frembes from Fulcrum Acoustic came out and tuned the speakers up. The DSP is provided by a Symetrix Solus 8 with amplifiers from Powersoft. It sounds gorgeous, as usual. We also rigged two 60” LCD displays and two smaller but much heavier plasma displays.

Connect Church

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Hasty Pudding Club moves into the old House of Blues

We are resurrecting the PA system from the original House of Blues for the Hasty Pudding Institute which now occupies the building. The walls are covered with posters from Hasty Pudding theatrical endeavors over the last, oh, century or so.

Hasty Pudding Club

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Stage lighting for Beat Hotel

Just finished up the stage lighting at Beat Hotel restaurant and music venue in Harvard Square. A tough design with low ceilings and obstructions, we installed all new rigging and wiring. With all super-efficient LED lighting, the rig uses a Fleenor Designs PRE10-A to store and recall scene presets. Color range is limited by the tie-dye curtain upstage but, all in all, nice and moody stage lighting. We collaborated with the restaurant designer so the teasers are integrated with the ceiling design.

Beat Hotel stage

Below is a screen cap of the software interface, ready for iPad control if required.

Beat Hotel software

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Congregación León de Judá speaker rigging

Congregación León de Judá speaker rigging of two main clusters. Fulcrum Acoustic speakers and Polar Focus Zbeam yokes. You can’t see the strut channel superstructure we built which hangs from the slab below the HVAC and above the decorative ceiling, but that’s kind of the point.

CLJ speaker riggingCLJ right cluster

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Custom reels and rigging for Brandeis Music Dept.

Customized a cable reel to accommodate two audio lines then installed it, along with another reel for power, for a moving truss on which we hung a Meyer center cluster and two subwoofers. In the Brandeis University Slosberg Music Center, subcontracted to Parsons Audio. Not exactly glamorous, but a crucial part of the project.

Brandeis reels

Below is a photo showing the subwoofers on top on the moving truss for which we designed custom rigging hardware. Also shown are the four other Meyer speakers we hung.

Brandeis wide shot

Ean White, Rick Campbell

Shoehorned truss into Berklee multifunction space

Shoehorned custom truss into a Berklee College of Music multifunction space for surround sound, lighting and video projection. Designed and built custom rigging hardware. Made custom modifications to Genelec 1031A speaker cabinets.

Berklee trussBerklee plan view

Ean White