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Pegasystems Executive Briefing Center progress


Designed and built theatrical systems for Pegasystems when they added an experience center to their Cambridge, MA location. Intended to create astonishing special effects, it was a huge challenge to fit everything into the space with such low ceilings and integrate it with the architectural lighting and control systems.

An eight channel (plus subwoofer) sound spatialization system is installed using Fulcrum Acoustic speakers and the Meyer Sound Galaxy spatialization appliance in SpaceMap mode for programming and realtime operation with an Apple iPad Pro.

The video and stage lighting uses ETC Fos4 LED panels for the front wash, Lonestar robotic lights and ColorSource Linear for video backlight and chase effects. All of the architectural lighting in the theatre space and the adjacent hallways is full color and DIMX controlled so that they may be incorporated into the theatrical lighting effects programmed with a ColorSource 20AV console. Live operation may also be performed using one of the iPads.

Supply chain issues have been a real hindrance for this project. The upstage theatrical lighting fixtures won’t arrive for another week or two, and some of the remaining architectural fixtures are still months out.

Here are the linear architectural fixtures in the hallway adjacent to the main space.

Another view of the hallway with the architectural fixtures performing a chase up and down the hall in reds, oranges and yellows.

all audio conference lighting rigging theatre