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St. Cecilia Parish AV upgrade complete


St. Cecilia Parish has a new AV system. The speech intelligibility in the hall has been improved with JBL CBT speakers while a separate audio mix is provided for the live video stream. The single wireless mic antenna located behind a brick wall in the Sacristy has been replaced with a pair of Shure UA864 wall-mount antennae in the Sanctuary with line of sight to the transmitters for true diversity reliability. The “antenna farm” of additional wireless mic receivers sitting on stage has also been removed and consolidated in a rack in the organ loft.

Three Sony PTZ cameras with NDI | HX licenses are switched and streamed using software running on an Apple iMac. An Extron control system with two, mirrored touch panels controls the audio levels and mixes as well as the lighting presets stored in a Fleenor 2322DMX.

Here is a view from the control position in the organ loft.

Here is a screen shot from Extron GUI Designer software showing the wireless mic input control screen as seen in the image above. The graphic design is based on a stock template with additional, custom icons.

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